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From our initial meeting to build our new group home to signing the final check, your company has done an outstanding job.  Your workers, subcontractors and management team were conscientious and attentive to every detail of the job.  You suggested improvements to the design and helped us save money.  You held to our tight schedule and made our opening date a reality. Should we have another project, we will be contacting you to do the build.

Susan Carter
Business manager
United Cerebral Palsy of Metro Boston

Hi Paul,

Happy New Year to you and your family. As I contemplate that Organix has now reached our 25th year in business, I think back to your contribution! Back in 1998 when we moved into our new building I had written you a note of thanks. I attach it here once again to restate those thanks! In the past many years I have taken a very large number of visitors around our building. These visitors come from big companies, small companies, some from the research labs of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, and all comment on what a beautiful building we have and what gorgeous and functional lab space we have. I make sure to tell them who did that: Maggiore Construction. 

Peter Meltzer

Dear Paul and Matt,
Many times I have sat intent on writing you a letter expressing our gratitude for your in bringing a dream to reality. I have however been unable to express our gratitude accurately.

The difficulty in expressing our gratitude has nothing to do with a lack of words but with a multitude of benefits and successes that Maggiore Companies provided. Where to begin?

Moving our physician office from 1,500 square feet to another larger space and, if possible, add an Ambulatory Surgery Center took more than two years before we signed a contract with you. During that time you worked with and advised us as we explored purchases of buildings and land and while we explored leasing space.

We had an unmovable completion date due to State regulations covering the ASC and we had limited funds. Add to those two deterrents the national financial problems and economic down turn and it is a wonder you stayed with us so long. As I learned however, it is Maggiore’s basic principal for client relations; you are always a resource for your clients and always patient with them.

Ultimately we purchased a building that would fit our needs. It just had to be stripped down to a shell modified to accommodate a surgery center and a physician practice. We gave you all of fourteen weeks to meet the State’s non-negotiable deadline.

Your design crew worked wonders and presented innovative and unique suggestions of the office. Dave Mann, Director of Construct, Pete the site manager, and your subcontractors produced a build out on time, and in budget under some difficult conditions. But you did it and in style.

This letter does not accurately express our gratitude because you have to be here to appreciate the results that Maggiore produced. Doctor Wages, the owner, beams with delight when friends and colleagues come by and he always gives them the grand tour. And every day at least one patient comments on how lovely and unique the office is. Many have said that our office is a standard against which others should strive to meet.

When talking with anyone about our building and offices, I always mention Maggiore as our contractor and without whom we would never have been able to have realized our dream of an Ambulatory Surgery Center and expanded physician office.

It is always a pleasure to tell anyone interested in a general contractor or design build contractor that they should contact Maggiore Companies. You and your staff are a pleasure to work with. Your guidance and advice are second to none and your results, on time, in budget, and first rate, are more than expected.

Always Grateful,

Joe Smith
Business Manager
BSC Property Development